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JonZ is an optimistic and intimate duo, created during the musical journey of Jenia Vasilenko and Yoav Or in an isolated house on the Zamarin mountainside. Driven by the desire to integrate art, the passion to experience cultures and absorb different sounds, JonZ write powerful yet gentle folk songs, wrapped in a soft electronic blanket. This unique approach allows them to develop an eclectic language and to build their home wherever they are.


After recording their first live E.P. in the Hills of Givat Ada, JonZ have performed in major festivals in Israel as well as in Europe


Recently, they have released their debut album 'Solid Wind'. Recorded in Tel-Aviv, produced by Ori Winokur, and crowd funded by Fans, the album is a communal collaboration of diverse musical talents from Israel.


JonZ will be on several extended tours in Europe this upcoming summer (2018), performing at festivals and venues in Germany, Italy, Lithuania, France, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, The Netherlands and The Czech Republic.


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