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ANNÆLIX is a Copenhagen based techno&house DJ and electronic music-maker, home-made creator and organiser of Folkets Haus. The DJ sets rhythmic, tribal and bass-filled combined with some punching and playful surprises that takes you to dreamy and ethereal universes. The sound varies from a chill day in a park with some dreamy slow-house to a dark basement of deep psyhedelic tunes.

Her own productions are mainly house inspired. The sound is dreamy and acid and includes her vocal, different elements from sub-genres of house, deep house and electronica and which makes the music a journey through lighty-pumped synthesizer and bass-filled universes.

Together with tadoh/Nicola she is the organizer of the monthly electronic leftwing political event Folkets Haus and does music productions in Gong Studio NV + Rave costumes and Deco for ravers’n DJ’s.



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